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Mama Brity – opinia o miejscu i opiece

"Almost one year we lived in Cracow and during this time my daughter Brita (now 2,5years) was going to Tup-Tup. I must say that I was very happy with this creche as well as my daughter. She would wake up early in the morning ready to go to play in Tup-Tup and she was always clean and well fed when I collected her after work. It felt quite easy to leave her the knowing that she enjoyed her time there. Kasia is really putting effort to make the little ones to enjoy their days in Tup-Tup. There are super cool colorful toys to play with inside and outside. The kids are making various artworks and according to my daughter dancing a lot as well 🙂

What I personally like a lot is that kids are bringing their own meals to Tup-Tup. Obviously you cannot serve the same food for a baby and a 2-year-old.I find it important that small child gets enough healthy food that tastes good and I want now what my child is eating. Another very nice and important thing are the bedrooms. In Tup-Tup children can sleep in peace when THEY need to since there are several bedrooms with just couple of beds and those rooms are clearly separate from the play room.

Now Brita is going to kindergarten and almost everyday I hear from her teachers how independent she is, how polite she is and how well she knows how play with other children. I know from where this comes from.....from Tup-Tup!!"
Best regards,
Maarit mother of Brita 

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